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The #1 way attorneys pull in new clients, outside of personal referrals, is a well-written and consistently updated Attorney Blog. The Blogs we create for our clients are client generating machines! Attorney blogs pull in new clients in a different way than other advertising methods. Blogs attract the potential client who is a passive information seeker looking for some basic understanding of a particular legal topic of personal interest.

Family Law Blog ServicesWhen a potential client finds your blog and reads it, they are more likely to give you a call to discuss their situation rather than move on towards the next generic advertisement within the search engine results. Blogs also allow you to litter the internet with multiple pages and articles published under your and your law firms name so that your online presence is instantly increased exponentially! Showing off your expertise and expanding your online presence is key to bringing new clients in the door.

Blogs are normally produced and displayed in a simple format in chronological order with the newest posts on top of the page. They can be organized as to topic, keywords, or geographic location depending on what your specific writing is about. Our team at Legal Lead Solutions are experts at designing Blog pages to showcase your writings and helping you turn out pages of content that are search engine optimized (known as “SEO”) to make Google and the other search engines happy.

Our Blog Services

Our team will not only design and setup your blog page, but we will teach you how to write attention grabbing SEO blog posts that are sure to keep potential clients on your page with interest and get your phone ringing. We are experts at helping you prepare blog posts that not only keep your audience of potential clients engaged, but also attract a loyal following of other attorneys interested in your take on current trends or topics in the law!

What Do Our Blog Services Include?

  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization – Every one of our Blogs that we create for our clients is SEO friendly to make your Blog a client lead generating machine!
  • Blog Instructional – We help you create themes and topics for your Blog posts so that you can begin pumping out original, eye-popping content that not only makes the big search engines happy, but also keeps potential clients on your page longer!
  • Custom Created Blog – we design our blogs for our customer’s one at a time – there is no computer program that automatically puts it together, we take our time and build you a beautiful canvas for you to display your legal expertise in the form of articles and blog posts!
  • Free Badge (for family law practices) – we provide you with a free badge to place on your site and your Blog that links back to your Free or Upgraded Attorney Profile showing that you are a approved attorney!
  • Content Writing Services – While no one knows your expertise quite the way you do, sometimes there just isn’t enough time to churn out multiple pages of quality content every month for your blog – this is where we come in: we will custom draft Blog posts for you and send them to you on a weekly or monthly basis to post on your site! Our content writing team includes licensed attorneys so you know the content is top quality and not written by an overseas or ill-informed individual.
  • Hosting of Your Blog – We host your Blog on our secured, encrypted server so that you do not have to worry about getting hacked.
  • Custom Domain Name – We always make sure that our customers have the ability to pick from and choose any available domain available that they want – of course, we do provide you with our personal suggestions!
  • Custom Video Blogs – Want a video on your blog every once in a while? We can help! We can submit your text or we can write the text for you and have professional actors provide a testimonial or brief conversation about your topic of choice!

The Big Question . . . How to Get Started

Simple, contact us online here or just give us a call at 312-300-4900 and speak to one of our sales reps today! We offer custom pricing because we know one size does not fit all – we are available to meet the needs of the solo practitioner on a fixed budget or the big firm that wants it all! Contact us right away and start moving your firm forward with success!

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