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Family Law responsive web design developmentOnce upon a time, if an attorney wanted exposure, the firm would take out an ad in the page of the local phone book to get exposure to hundreds of potential clients. With the age of the internet a website now has the potential for a law firm to reach thousands, even millions of people. Of course, that means that your website must be search engine optimized (SEO) and must contain the proper quality information to reach and rope in potential clients.

The law firm websites that our team at create do more than just act as a brochure for your firm – they work as a finely tuned client lead generating machine! Following our lead, your website can generate new clients faster and more effectively than any other type of marketing available.

What Our Websites Can Do for You

Our research has shown that a potential client that stumbles across a law firm site makes a decision within 10-seconds on whether they will stay on the page or jump back to the search results. Knowing this, our team creates websites that keep people on the website page. It’s best to keep it simple – sleek design, simple navigation and stylish graphics keep a person’s interest without turning them away feeling bombarded with information.

Our websites are responsive and optimized to display perfectly on both computers and mobile devices like smart phones or tablets. More than 40% of people now search the web using their phone or a tablet, which means that your site will look great!

Search Engine Optimization

Having a website that utilizes SEO the right way isn’t something that law firm websites can live with or without, they are necessary if you want to be found online within the thousands of other attorneys out there. Put simply, utilizing SEO the right way means that when an individual searches for a specific set of keywords  like “divorce lawyer in san Antonio” or “how can I lower my child support?”, your website appears within the search engine results.

Lots of companies claim they know how to perform SEO tasks the right way, but they often cut corners and when their tricks are found out by Google, their websites sink to the bottom, never to be found again. Our team follows the rules the right way, so you can build your online presence and reputation the right way by developing high quality content and optimizing that content so that it presents itself to potential clients in the most effective way possible.

Example WebsiteContent Writing Services

While it is always best for lawyers to write their own content, we understand that it is not always possible with the time constraints that come with being an attorney. Because of that, we offer content writing services so that you can continue to develop and increase your online presence while at the same time manage your busy caseload. Our team of content writers includes licensed attorneys so you know the quality is trustworthy.

Website Hosting, Security and Email

All of our website plans include hosting on our high-security encrypted servers and include email accounts with your new domain name attached. Nothing looks less professional than telling another attorney or potential client to email you at your @hotmail or @gmail account.

Get Started Now!

Contact us online here or just give us a call at 312-300-4900 to learn more about the services that we offer and the competitive prices that that blow the competition out of the water! Don’t let your firm give off the wrong first impression – let us help you grow your firm!


$75 / Month

  • 5 to 10 Pages
  • 2 Email Addresses
  • Professional Design
  • Mobile Friendly


$99 / Month

  • Up to 50 Pages
  • 3 Email Addresses
  • Professional Design
  • Mobile Friendly


$115 / Month

  • Unlimited Pages
  • 5 Email Addresses
  • Professional Design
  • Mobile Friendly
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