About Us

Before you begin investing trust and your money in a company, it’s nice to know who you’re dealing with, right? We are Legal Lead Solutions, LLC. We focus on attorney marketing only and we are great at what we do.

We are a group of licensed attorneys and former clients that felt that there had to be a better way to both find qualified attorneys and grow a law firms practice through increasing its client base.

What Makes Us Different Than Everybody Else?

What sets our marketing efforts apart from any other attorney marketing company in existence is that we believe in a multi-faceted marketing approach to not only bring in new clients, but continue to engage old clients so that they come back in the future and refer their friends and family. Not only do we offer website, blog, and content writing services, but we have a robust attorney directory featuring attorneys in specific geographic areas to target potential clients that are local. But, the service that sets us apart from anyone else is that we coupe the services above with the ability to purchase exclusive lead packages that are guaranteed to get your phone ringing and potential leads in your email inbox on a weekly basis!

Get Started – Speak To Us Today!

Contact us online here or just give us a call at 312-300-4900. We’ll get you in touch with a sales professional that will show you how our services can grow your practice!

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