Want to know the difference between a growing law practice and one struggling to keep the doors open? The former continuously builds its client base. Every law firm owner knows that there are 2 keys to a successful growing practice: 1. getting new clients in the door and signing them up, and 2. having them tell their friends about you, building future clientele. Legal Lead Solutions can take care of getting them in the door for you—it’s your job to get them to spread the word!

Who Are We?

Our team is comprised of attorneys that have owned and operated their own law firms as well as clients they have worked with in the past. No one understands the needs of growing a law practice quite the way we do—because we’ve done it ourselves and have become successful at it.

What We Do

You need new clients, right? Well, we generate new clients for your firm, period. Our marketing strategy works like this:

1. We go out and find proactive clients actively looking for an attorney for your specific area of the law, in your specific geographical location;
2. When a potential client contacts us, we filter and collect the pertinent information; and
3. We immediately put that contact information in your hands for you to call and sign them up.

It’s just that simple, or at least, we make it that simple for you.

What Makes Our Lead System Different?

Easy answer—we never sell your lead to any other attorney. You pick the zip codes or county you want to cover; we generate the leads for you! Other lead services sell the same lead to up to three-attorneys at the same time, making it a race to see who contacts the potential client first. But when you select our exclusive advertising program, we never do this—our promise to you is that the lead we send you is yours and yours alone. Exclusivity—that’s what we’re talking about!

What Do I Do Now?

Easy. Fill out the contact form on this page or give us a call. We’ll give you more details about our no-hassle system and how we can help grow your practice so fast you’ll need to hire a new associate—and isn’t that what every attorney dreams of—having another attorney working for you? We have no long term contracts (month-to-month), are competitively priced below other legal marketing companies, and we’ll let you pick your zip codes and counties for exclusivity! On top of that, we’ll build you a bio page and put you in our directory for free!

Signing up new clients has never been easier—get started today!